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Victim Services

Victim Services Society of Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and District is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that provides crisis response and support to victims of crime and/or tragedy through the RCMP. For close to 30 years we have been helping victims and their families get their lives back on track by giving them critical information and referrals to community services in their time of urgent need.

Free support in your time of need

We know that crime has a destructive influence upon individuals, families and the whole society. This influence can be even more devastating when the crime is personal. To a victim of crime, the demoralizing consequences can remain evident for days, weeks, months or even years after the event. That’s where our trained, experienced and caring volunteers can make all the difference.

Our victim services are free and confidential and provide comprehensive support in your hour of need. From making a phone call to family or a friend, to court assistance and  referrals to counselling services, we offer a continuum of services to meet your most critical needs.

Improved quality of life

Victim Services Society  of Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and District was developed in partnership with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to give victims a helping hand and a second chance. We believe that our help and support can empower you to lead a well-adjusted and happy life.

We provide support, information and appropriate referrals which aid in minimizing the crisis, as well as in preventing future victimization or crime. Helping the victim(s) regain stability results in an improved quality of life.

We are only a phone call away!

Victim Services Society operates within the Stony Plain RCMP Detachment, and we assist individuals within the Parkland County region. Trained and experienced volunteers work closely with the RCMP to provide the following critical services:

  • Crisis response, support and follow-up to victims
  • Provide victims with information about the case and the criminal court process
  • Referral to community agencies
  • Provide victim impact statements

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us when crime or tragedy strikes. We are here for you any time of the night or day.

We serve the City of Spruce Grove, the Town of Stony Plain, the County of Parkland, portions of the County of Lac Ste. Anne and Sturgeon County, the Village of Onoway, the Village of Alberta Beach, the Village of Wabamun, the Hamlet of Duffield, the Village of Spring Lakes, the Paul First Nation and the Enoch Cree Nations.







           OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 4:00PM                                                                                                                                   PHONE: 780-968-7272